Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Of Course I Know How To Tape A Box Shut!....Or Do I?...

Here are some helpful tips on how to do something that seems really easy, the right way, so that your 

stuff is safe inside those boxes you worked so hard to pack!

1st: Fold your flat box into a cube shape

2nd:Flip the box upside down and tape the bottom first

3rd:Fold the flaps on the bottom in

4th:Tape 1 long strip of tape down the middle of the box where the 2 flaps meet

5th:Tape 2 long strips of tape down the width of the box on either side of the box, the tape will resemble 

an "H" shape when done

6th:Carefully wrap and fill your box with your personal belongings

7th:Repeat the same steps 3-5 for the top of the box

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