Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best Ways to Move a Queen Size Bed:

Almost every relocation contains moving furniture and many people have a queen size bed. This is one of the awkwardly shaped items at your home that is heavy and difficult to move. Queen beds are different from king size beds as well in terms of structure and are generally more difficult to relocate. When it comes to moving a queen size bed and mattress several acceptable options spring to mind. You can make the move yourself or find a moving company that has experience with moving heavy items like such pieces of furniture which will be reviewed below. Here are the tips that you need to know when you have a queen size bed to move.

Move a Queen Bed Yourself

Once the mattress and box spring have been placed in the plastic mattress cover and properly secured with tape the next decision is how to transport the item(s). A standard pick up truck will suffice if the weather is cooperative and the trip is short, however to avoid exposure to the elements it is recommended to use a cargo van or small enclosed truck. The cost to rent a van or truck varies depending on the distance to be traveled but in most local situations should be in the $50.00 to 60.00 dollar range in terms of the final cost. Truck rental rates vary by size of the truck. But for a queen size mattress a 10 ft truck will definitely do the trick. In this case you can expect to pay about $20 for a set period of time determined at the time of rental, $14.00 for the truck insurance, which is optional but it is always recommended because the average customer doesn’t drive trucks for a living and $14.00 always beats your automobile insurance deductible if something were to occur. Finally there is a $1 per mile charge during the week. So if you travel 20 miles or less the total usually averages between 50 to 60 dollars for the rental. Though you do have to factor in replacing the fuel you use in the truck. Furthermore, two men and a truck would be the minimum amount of men needed to safely move the mattress.
For the DIY (do it yourself) set purchasing a queen size mattress cover for both the mattress and the box spring is a must to insure you keep everything clean. Most mattresses are white or have a lot of white to them and moving trucks are not the cleanest. Of course the most important factor, after making the decision to move the mattress, is cost, says Derrick Spencer from Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. The mattress plastic covers can be purchased at most hardware stores or truck rental locations and generally retail for less than $10.00. You also have a second option here. There are stores that keep a lot of packing materials because they don’t want to pay to dispose of them or fill landfills needlessly, this is what James Prutilpac told us about the practices at Chuck’s Furniture and America’s Mattress of Morgantown. Because of that, there are a lot of people that come in for boxes and plastic and get them for free.
Queen bed and mattress
Will you be moving the boxspring and mattress as well? You can find out what to do in any case in this article.
Make sure that the boxspring will fit wherever it is going. Mattresses bend so they more easily fit up stairs and around corners. The boxspring however does not bend as much. There are queen split boxsprings that come in two pieces like a king. These may be necessary in some homes. A van or truck would be best for moving such pieces of furniture. Queen size beds are too large to fit into an SUV. They could go on top but this is not advisable. Movers do not really need to be hired if this is all that is being moved. Wood furniture is more important because it is far easier for amateurs to scratch and dent pieces but mattresses are soft so don’t damage much. If you need to move a queen size bed yourself, you will have to be very careful.
If you have an old mattress that will need to be replaced soon it would probably be better to buy a new one. Most mattress retailers offer free delivery so they will bring it to the new place for no additional charge. All you would need to do is get the old bed to the curb. If you are disposing of it, you don’t need to worry about packaging. If it is still usable, you may even be able to sell it to someone needing a bed for a rarely used spare room.

Moving a Queen Size Bed with Movers

As far as utilizing a full service moving company to move a queen size mattress exclusively may be a little more pricey but the time and effort that you save might just be worth it. They will properly pad and shrink wrap the mattress and box spring, load it on the properly sized truck and head down the road before you know it. Most movers have a minimum amount of time they will charge no matter how quickly the mattress is moved but not lugging a mattress up four flights of stairs can be worth it’s weight in gold. The charge for professional movers can range from 150.00 to 250.00 dollars. This fee depends on what a particular company charges so it’s always best to discuss it with the company before you proceed with the move. As for packing material used there may be an additional charge, (i.e $10.00 per item shrink wrapped) but since the move should be rather quick they may throw in packing material for free but as with the moving charges discuss this issue with the company before you proceed.

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