Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Signs of a Bad Moving Company:

You have probably been told or read moving advice regarding how to pick a good moving company. However, sometimes you think you have chosen the right one based on what you believe you should be looking for, but you miss the warning signs that are essentially waving a red flag and telling you to run. Even if it is moving day, if you have suddenly gotten a bad vibe about the company, trust your instinct. You are better to cancel and find someone else than deal with a nightmare experience. Below are signs that you should not let a mover handle your move.
Won’t Provide a Quote
If a mover is only willing to provide an estimate, this is a good indication to look elsewhere. They will likely give you a low estimate and then add on a bunch of hidden charges. A reputable mover will want to come see what you have and will provide an actual quote.
Representatives Are Unprofessional
This includes everyone from the person who answers the phone to the mover in charge of your transaction. Anyone representing the company you hire should be professional. So, they should be able to provide clear answers to all your questions. They must be pleasant and dressed appropriately. The last thing you need is your new neighbors peeking through the windows to see one mover wearing a shirt with profanity and another flicking his cigarette on their lawn.
Movers Arrive Late
Okay, there has to be a little flexibility here. If you are moving out of Manhattan and your movers are 5 minutes late because they have been circling the block 15 minutes looking for a parking space, this is understandable. However, if your move is schedule for 9 am, and it is now close to noon, and they are still not there, this is an obvious problem. There is a good chance that they double booked you with someone else, not caring that one of the two of your would be upset.
Providing Services Without Asking
If your mover arrives and start disassembling furniture items and wrapping other items in bubble wrap or blankets you need to stop them and gain control of the move. They are not doing this to be kind. These random acts are going them an excuse to increase your bill. Do not let them provide any additional services without asking permission and telling you the price first.
Charging for Time
It is never a good idea to hire a mover that provides you with an hourly price. In most cases a move that should take two hours suddenly takes four. Not to mention, they are likely charging for the drive to your address and of course, they are charging for the drive to your new home.
Bad Reviews
If people took time out of their busy day to write a review or file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration there is probably a very good reason. Even if they wrote a review on Yelp or a directory to stay away from the company, this is moving advice you should not take lightly.

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