Tuesday, December 16, 2014

7 Simple Tips For Hiring Movers:

So you finally decided to pull the trigger and move to the city of your dreams, one that offers everything you could ever ask for: good homes, great jobs, lots of culture, and tons of awesome entertainment options.  Well congratulations on reaching for your dreams… Oh wait!  I forgot in order to end up in your own nirvana you first have to pass through the depths of moving hell.  One of the most treacherous can be selecting the right movers to handle your personal belongings.  I thought it would be helpful to provide you with just 7 simple tips for hiring movers:

  1. Make sure that the driver and relocation crew sent by the moving company has good instructions before you leave them with your belongings and/or they leave you.  I don’t know how many horror stories I have heard about movers getting lost and people having to spend days or even longer without their stuff… don’t let that happen to you!
  2. There are so many fraudulent/scammers in the moving industry that it can be difficult to make sure you pick a reputable company but definitely before hiring them make sure they have all the needed documentation and permits to be able to legally operate as a moving company (two guys and a truck can get you in trouble if you aren’t careful).
  3. If at all possible make sure that your moving truck has a GPS onboard that you can access at least while they are transporting your belongings.  That way, if the mover ever gets lost or even if you just think they are taking too long you can at least see how close they are to your new home.
  4. Try if at all possible to use movers that have been referred by friends and family and/or companies that have been reviewed on this site.  Sometimes these reviews can really save you from a rough experience so definitely take advantage of the mistakes of others whenever possible (at least when it come to moving).
  5. Another great idea is to have a backup plan in the event that the mover blows you off or no-shows the move.  Believe me, it happens all the time as the workers tend to be more transient.  Make sure you know enough about how the company gets there help and whenever possible know who you will call at the last minute if you have to.
  6. Always, always, always check the insurance that the mover carries.  You want to be certain that they can and will cover anything that is broken in the move and/or you already decided that you just don’t care.
  7. Find out if the people moving speak multiple languages (especially Spanish as well as English).  In several areas of the country right now people can really only comfortably communicate using Spanish.  Especially if you are in the SouthWest or West Coast, the ability to communicate with your moving crew needs to be known in advance.

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