Monday, December 21, 2015

How to do perfect house removals:

Good organization is the most important thing for a removal in order to avoid problems when the van will come for your boxes. It’s a must guarantee that also our littlest and most fragile items are safe during all the steps of the removal, especially if we are moving house and we can’t go back. In this little guide I’ll give you some tips for the perfect removal!
1) Things you should think of before the packing.
First of all, write down a moving checklist. We should think of the items we’ll need and we would like to have for the relocation, so it’s better to avoid unnecessary waste and give it to the charity shops, friends, and families or sell it online. Decide in advance when you would like to do the house removal, so you have plenty of time to make a comparison between different removal companies and choose the best. Once this has been done, call the supplies to advise them when you will leave the house.
2) Here’s what we need!
– Boxes
– Brown Tape
– Cling Film
– Scissors
– Permanent marker
3) How to pack your things.
It is very important to put your clothes and accessories in cardboard boxes, which must be well sealed by using the brown tape. Always start with the littlest items and things less important. It’s better to leave the tape out of the boxes because we could need it on the removal day. If we have lamps or fragile items, those things should be well wrapped in the bubble wrap that we will fix using the tape again, so in this way we will avoid having our belongings breaking.
We can put in the boxes also the cutlery, dishes, cups and glasses (wrapped in the bubble wrap) as well.
Always write on the boxes with a permanent marker what’s inside each box, as it will be easier when you will arrive into our new home.
We don’t only have to use the boxes, in fact we could also use bags or trolleys.
4) Things to leave out of the bags and boxes.
– Documents about the new house (for example the contract)
– Everything we need to clean
– Box with tools
– Health pack
– Bags with the latest things we put in (items we immediately would need)
– Plastic glasses, dishes and cutlery
– Something to drink and eat during the journey and for when we’ll come at home (probably we’re going to buy something more the day after the removal)
How to do perfect house removals
5) Removal day has come!
Finally the day of the move, let us check that we don’t forget anything at home while often there are places which haven’t been inspected properly and some object can remain there, inside our old house.
We suggest bringing some packs outside the house and put them close to the gate or into storage, at least half an hour before the van arrives. In fact, in this way we can help to accelerate all the various operations.
6) Finally we’re at home, it’s time to unbox!
Luckily you have written with your marker on each box, so now you know what’s inside for sure. We have two options at this point, we can check the belongings we need more, or we can decide to unbox based on the room we want to order for first.
7) Ecological tips.
Once we have unboxed everything, we could decide to take the boxes with us and put them in storage so we could use them again, or we could go to the landfill and leave them here. Read more

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