Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Using Indoor Decor... Outdoors:

There’s lots of ways to save money when decorating your home from up-cyclingto versatile decorations that can be used for more than one holiday. These techniques also work to save space in your home without throwing away precious heirlooms. How do you recycle your interior design ideas?
Lots of interior designers bring outdoor elements INTO your home, but what about the opposite? What if you take the inside… outside? Make your backyard as warm and inviting as your living room.
Give your old furniture a second chance, but consider the climate before any heavy lifting. Even if your patio is covered from rain, snow storms, and direct sunlight, the upholstery will still exhibit wear and tear from dry air and dewy nights. Treat wooden tables or chairs with exterior paint manufactured to withstand harsh weather. Coat metal with a protective spray, and cover metal legs with rubber tips to prevent rust stains. Other tips include storing the furniture inside of a shed during cold and wetter months, or covering the items in a tarp.

CurtainsHang curtains for aesthetic and functional purposes. Create a ethereal getaway by suspending drapery around your patio. The veil allows for freedom from shade and wind while also providing an area of privacy away from your neighbors.
Encaustic tiles can draw on the rest of your décor. Utilize the same ceramic flooring inside and out – on a patio or a pathway. Historic Victorian homes very often showcase this style. It is beautiful but practical and resists abrasion.
Ditch the plastic, and indulge your outdoor tables with beautiful fabrics you usually save for the indoors. Add a centerpiece of freshly cut flowers picked from your very own garden to build a lush atmosphere for an open-air meal. Who says you always need to entertain in the dining room? Extra tip: If the material is machine-washable, you can easily use it again inside.

What are your favorite indoor elements to use outside?

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