Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Moving Can Be Difficult – Minimize The Stress:

Moving can be difficult so to help minimize the stress, we have provided some moving tips for you to prepare for your move. First things first, find a reliable moving company by reading reviews online and talking to friends. Next, make sure that you leave plenty of time to pack up your boxes. Start in one room at a time and pack up drawers and cabinets. Make a box of stuff to donate. Donate and throw away as much as you can. The key word here is “consolidate”. Don't waste space in your boxes. Take care while packing up the kitchen. Bubble wrap comes in handy with the china and corning ware. Make sure not to pop the bubbles until you have unpacked though. When packing up your closet and bathroom, set aside a suitcase packed with several day’s worth of clothes and toiletries. Pack things you would bring on a trip with you so that way you won’t have to search through boxes to find any necessary items before or after the move.
The day before your move make sure to complete a change of address form with the post office and DMV. Then, find all those credit cards and call their customer service to have your address changed for each of them. Call your local home telephone and internet service provider to transfer service to your new address. Some companies offer your phone, internet, and TV in a bundle service. Check on the internet for any special offers your local providers are running so you can save some money. Most of this information can be accessed online so to save time have all your account and login information available before you sit down in front of your computer to change your address. A few more services we can't live without such as gas, water, and electric have to be transferred to the new address as well. Call or go online to complete these tasks. Don’t forget to call your moving consultant the day before you move to confirm your move and make any last minute adjustments. On the day of the move eat a good nutritious breakfast and wear a pair of comfortable shoes. If you have any animals make sure they are secured before the moving team arrives. Disassemble and disconnect everything that is not included in your move. Take a deep breath and enjoy the journey!
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