Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How To Pack and Protect Fragile and Electronics

Wise Packing

               Packing things especially electronic equipment can be tricky. You have to do a wise job at this so as to withstand the damage that might be inflicted when hauling these things into the moving vehicle. In order to ensure that the electronics are still in great shape when moved to another location, it should be systematically arranged and placed in a box with separate accessories. It would be ideal to pack electronics by detaching the detachable parts first so as to negate the damage as a whole. When your electronics are assembled, it would be best do disassemble it first and pack it separately but be sure to mark and label the packaging of each piece. You can put the pieces into one box so that you will know where and what parts of the electronics are when you unload it and assemble it again. There is a manual together with electronics that are purchased but if the manual is no longer available then you can research for the right things to do when moving them.

Packing it Safely

               The first thing to remember when packing is what to pack that are important enough to be included in your new place. We tend to be movers from time to time and so we first have to decide what to keep and what to dispose of. The television set is obviously one that need to be kept and this is the reason why we hire a moving company for since we cannot bring and lift heavy objects in our cars. The best way to keep television intact is to put it in a sturdy box but it would be best to put some safe supports to it before putting it in a box like securing its edges with Styrofoam. Some moving companies already have boxes for you to make use of and some even offer packaging so that your electronics will be safely packed for travel by professional movers.

What to Bring is for You to Decide

               Sometimes, the cost of moving may be bigger and less practical to shoulder. You can buy new electronics and appliances in the new place if it would be much of a hassle to bring the old things with you. Organizing a garage sale before you leave would be ideal if you want to move without much extra baggage. You can sell your old toasters and DVD players as well as television sets and purchase a new one. You may also sell your computers and just keep a hard disk or a backup and just carry the light ones with you like your laptops or just the portable ones.

               The original packaging would be very helpful when moving electronics. It would be essential to handle the thing from bumps along the way. Specialty boxes are usually offered by moving companies as well so it would not be a hassle if you have thrown those old boxes and using double walled boxes will do.

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  1. Bubble wrap is awesome because of two reasons. 1 - It protects your valuable and 1 - if you have grandchildren it will keep them occupied while packing. :)