Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Planning a Move with Children? Tips By Fremont movers

Have you ever been in a spot when the babysitter can’t make it and the kids are around on packing day?  Here are some tips that will help you involve the children.  Remember kids love to help in any way they can when they are young.  This is a good way to spend quality time with them and have their help as well.
Children love boxes and feel their stuff is just as important as yours.  You can also buy large plastic totes with covers and label the totes with your children’s names on them.  This way they feel like they have been included in the moving process and you will find that they work extra hard for you.  Make sure you supervise the way they are placing their belongings into a box or tote.  You can easily teach them how to make room and organize their things.
Consider it a game and teach them to pack things like they were building blocks.  Children around the age of 3 and 4 love this game and they are fairly organized at that age.  They should know by then how to put their toys away.  Most children have cubbies in their rooms, so they can remove the items from their cubbies and put them into the totes or boxes.  Children sometimes feel helpless when they know the family is moving.  They feel like they don’t have any say in the decision.  It’s important to include them as much as you can.
Make a family wish list because this will help you reach a decision on some of the items you want for the new home.  Take your children along when you shop for a new home.  When searching online, bookmark your favorites and include the kids so they can look at the new home possibilities.  Give your children their own treasure box and they can decorate with stickers and use for their favorite things.  They can also use pictures of their bedroom furniture pasted on a sheet of construction paper.  Take the boxes into your vehicle and keep the boxes close to the kids.
It’s important to prepare for a battle plan if your sitter cancels.  You should be prepared like a soldier so your day will run smoothly.  Remember to keep all the children involved and tell them what you expect out of them.  In addition, provide them with important information like “what to do and when to do it”.
The plan should be as detailed as possible and include a map, cell phone numbers, the day’s events and job duties.  Make a sketch of the new home and label the rooms.  Make this a part of your battle plan and hand it out to each member of your household.  Make sure you hand these plans out at the beginning of the day.  These tips can make moving day an adventure and reassure the children their important.

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